Number of Articles: 1016
-24. Reiter’s Properties for the Actions of Locally Compact Quantum Goups on von Neumann Algebras

Volume 36, No. 2, November and December 2010, Pages 1-17

H. R. Ebrahimi Vishki; M. Ramezanpour

-23. A Survey of Invertibility and Spectrum Preserving Linear Maps

Volume 35, No. 2, November and December 2009, Pages 1-10

A. A. Jafarian

-22. Distribution of Rational Points: A Survey

Volume 35, No. 1, March and April 2009, Pages 1-30

R. Takloo-Bighash

-21. Decidability and Tameness in the Theory of Finite Semigroups

Volume 34, No. 1, March and April 2008, Pages 1-22

J. Almeida

-20. Triple Positive Solutions for Boundary Value Problem of a Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equation

Volume 33, No. 2, November and December 2007, Pages 1-14

R. Dehghani; K. Ghanbari

-19. Finite Groups with p-Sylow Coverings

Volume 33, No. 1, March and April 2007, Pages 1-10

K. Mehrabadi; A. Iranmanesh

-18. Automatic Continuity of Homomorphisms Between Banach algebras and Frechet algebras

Volume 32, No. 2, November and December 2006, Pages 1-11

T. Ghasemi Honary

-17. Autoregressive Gaussian Random Vectors of First Order

Volume 32, No. 1, March and April 2006, Pages 1-19

A. R. Soltani; A. R. Nematollahi; M. Sadeghifar

-16. On Reducing sequences and an Application to Local Cohomology Modules

Volume 31, No. 2, November and December 2005, Pages 1-11

N. Quoc Chinh

-15. On the Structure of Some Deficiency Zero Groups

Volume 31, No. 1, March and April 2005, Pages 1-11

A. Jamali

-14. Finite Groups With a Certain Number of Elements Pairwise Generating a Non-Nilpotent Subgroup

Volume 30, No. 2, November and December 2004, Pages 1-20

A. Abdollahi; A. Mohammadi Hassanabadi

-13. Compact Endomorphisms of Certain Subalgebras of the Disk Algebra

Volume 30, No. 1, March and April 2004, Pages 1-11

F. Behrouzi; H. Mahyar

-12. Some separation axioms via modified θ-open sets

Volume 29, No. 2, November and December 2003, Pages 1-12

M. Caldas; S. Jafari; T. Noiri

-11. A Remark on a Remark by Macaulay or Enhancing Lazard Structural Theorem

Volume 29, No. 1, March and April 2003, Pages 1-45

M. G. Marinari; T. Mora

-10. Approximating Initial-Value Problems with Two-Point Boundary-Value Problems: BBM-Equation

Volume 36, No. 1, March and April 2010, Pages 1-25

J. L. Bona; H. Chen; S. M. Sun; B.-Y. Zhang

-9. Asymptotic Behavior of Multivariate Reward Processes with Nonlinear Reward Functions

Volume 28, No. 2, November and December 2002, Pages 1-17

K. Khorshidian; A. R. Soltani

-8. On the Maximal Degree of the K-Step Obrechkoff’s Method

Volume 28, No. 1, March and April 2002, Pages 1-28

V. R. Ibrahimov

-7. Schur-Pair Property and the Structure of Varietal Covering Groups

Volume 27, No. 2, November and December 2001, Pages 1-16

A. R. Salemkar; M. R. R. Moghaddam

-6. Generated the Integer Null Space and Conditions for Determination of an Integer Basis Using the ABS Algorithms

Volume 27, No. 1, March and April 2001, Pages 1-18

H. Esmaeili; N. Mahdavi-Amiri; E. Spedicato

-5. On Solving Linear Diophantine Systems Using Generalized Rosser's Algorithm

Volume 34, No. 2, November and December 2008, Pages 1-25

M. Khorramizadeh; N. Mahdavi-Amiri

-4. Solving integral equations of the third kind in the reproducing kernel space

Volume 38, Issue 3, September and October 2012, Pages 543-551

Fazhan Geng

-3. Common fixed points of f-weak contractions in cone metric spaces

Volume 38, Issue 2, July and August 2012, Pages 293-303

Wultipol Sintunavarat; Poom Kumam

-2. Newton-Product integration for a Two-phase Stefan problem with Kinetics

Volume 38, Issue 4, November and December 2012, Pages 853-868

B. ‎Babayar-Razlighi; Karim Ivaz; M. R. Mokhtarzadeh; A. N. Badamchizadeh

-1. Extensions of Baer and quasi-Baer modules

Volume 37, No. 1, March and April 2011, Pages 1-13

E. Hashemi

0. Beyond First Order Logic: From number of structures to structure of numbers: Part I

Volume 39, Issue 1, March and April 2013, Pages 1-26

J. Baldwin; T. Hyttinen; M. Kesala