Main Subjects = 37-XX Dynamical systems and ergodic theory
Historic set carries full hausdorff dimension

Volume 43, Issue 7, December 2017, Pages 2339-2347

G.-Z. Ma

Caratheodory dimension for observers

Volume 43, Issue 6, November 2017, Pages 1559-1570

M.R. Molaei; Y. Sayyari

Solitons for nearly integrable bright spinor Bose-Einstein condensate

Volume 43, Issue 3, June 2017, Pages 665-681

F. Ahmadi Zeidabadi; S.M. Hoseini

Mathematical modeling, analysis and simulation of Ebola epidemics

Volume 43, Issue 3, June 2017, Pages 683-693

T. Wetere Tulu; T. Boping

Almost specification ‎and ‎renewality‎ in spacing shifts

Volume 43, Issue 3, June 2017, Pages 885-896

D. Ahmadi Dastjerdi; M. Dabbaghian Amiri

Trivially related lax pairs of the Sawada-Kotera equation

Volume 42, Issue 2, April 2016, Pages 327-330

D. Talati

Entropy operator for continuous dynamical systems of finite topological entropy

Volume 38, Issue 4, December 2012, Pages 883-892

Mehdi Rahimi; Abdolhamid Riazi

Identification of Riemannian foliations on the tangent bundle via SODE structure

Volume 38, Issue 3, September 2012, Pages 669-688

Abolghasem Laleh; Morteza Mir Mohamad Rezaii; Fateme Ahangari