Two-geodesic transitive graphs of prime power order

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1 School of Statistics‎, ‎Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics‎, ‎Nanchang‎, ‎Jiangxi‎, ‎330013‎, ‎P.R‎. ‎China

2 Research Center of Applied Statistics‎, ‎Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics‎, ‎Nanchang‎, ‎Jiangxi‎, ‎330013‎, ‎P.R‎. ‎China.


In a non-complete graph $\Gamma$, a vertex triple $(u,v,w)$ with $v$ adjacent to both $u$ and $w$ is called a $2$-geodesic if $uneq w$ and $u,w$ are not adjacent. The graph $\Gamma$ is said to be   $2$-geodesic transitive if its automorphism group is transitive on arcs, and also on 2-geodesics. We first produce a reduction theorem for the family of $2$-geodesic transitive graphs of prime power order. Next, we classify such graphs which are also vertex quasiprimitive.


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