Some properties for a class of meromorphically multivalent functions with linear operator

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Yangtze Univ., Coll. Engn. and Technol.,‎ ‎Xueyuan Rd‎, ‎Jingzhou 434020‎, ‎Hubei‎, ‎China

2 Engn. and Technol. Coll., Chengdu Univ. of Tech.‎, ‎Xiaoba Rd‎, ‎Leshan 614000‎, ‎Sichuan‎, ‎China


‎Making use of a linear operator‎, ‎which is defined here by means of‎ ‎the Hadamard product (or convolution)‎, ‎we define a subclass‎ ‎$\mathcal {T}_{p}(a‎, ‎c‎, ‎\gamma‎, ‎\lambda; h)$ of meromorphically‎ ‎multivalent functions‎. ‎The main object of this paper is to‎ ‎investigate some important properties for the class‎. ‎We also derive‎ ‎many results for the Hadamard roducts of functions belonging to the‎ ‎class.


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