Structure of finite wavelet frames over prime fields

Document Type : Research Paper


Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group (NuHAG)‎, ‎Faculty of Mathematics‎, ‎University of Vienna‎, ‎Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1‎, ‎A-1090 Vienna‎, ‎Austria.


‎This article presents a systematic study for structure of finite wavelet frames‎ ‎over prime fields‎. ‎Let $p$ be a positive prime integer and $\mathbb{W}_p$‎ ‎be the finite wavelet group over the prime field $\mathbb{Z}_p$‎. ‎We study theoretical frame aspects of finite wavelet systems generated by‎ ‎subgroups of the finite wavelet group $\mathbb{W}_p$.


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