Volume & Issue: Volume 43, Issue 3, June 2017, Pages 575-974 
11. Theory of hybrid differential equations on time scales

Pages 707-725

S. Sun; Y. Zhao; P. Zhao; Z. Han

12. Strongly k-spaces

Pages 727-734

S. Ersoy; İ. İnce; M. Bilgin

14. Frattini supplements and Frat- series

Pages 747-753

Y. Aydın; A. Pancar

17. A characterization of curves in Galilean 4-space $G_4$

Pages 771-780

G. Öztürk; S. Büyükkütük; İ. Kişi

18. Unmixed $r$-partite graphs

Pages 781-787

R. Zaare-Nahandi; R. Jafarpour-Golzari

20. Almost valuation rings

Pages 807-816

R. Jahani-Nezhad; F. Khoshayand

22. On quasi $P$-spaces and their applications in submaximal and nodec spaces

Pages 835-852

A. R. Aliabad; V. Bagheri; M. Karavan Jahromi

25. On reducibility of weighted composition operators

Pages 875-883

M. R. Azimi; M. R. Jabbarzadeh; M. ‎Jafari Bakhshkandi

26. Almost specification ‎and ‎renewality‎ in spacing shifts

Pages 885-896

D. Ahmadi Dastjerdi; M. Dabbaghian Amiri

27. Double derivations of n-Lie algebras

Pages 897-910

R. Bai; Y. Gao; Y. Zhang; Z. Li

28. Modules for which every non-cosingular submodule is a summand

Pages 911-922

Y. Talebi; M. Hosseinpour; A.R. Moniri Hamzekolaee