Volume & Issue: Volume 43, Issue 6, November 2017, Pages 1559-2110 
2. Caratheodory dimension for observers

Pages 1559-1570

M.R. Molaei; Y. Sayyari

9. Stability of F-biharmonic maps

Pages 1657-1669

S.M. Kazemi Torbaghan; M.M. Rezaii

14. On nuclei of sup-$\Sigma$-algebras

Pages 1709-1721

X. Zhang; Y. Zhou

16. Applications of convolution and‎ ‎subordination to certain $p$-valent functions

Pages 1739-1749

S. Hussain; J. Sokół; U. Farooq; M. Darus; T. Mahmood

18. Hyperbolic surfaces of $L_1$-2-type

Pages 1769-1779

P. Lucas; H.F. Ramírez-Ospina

26. A weak approximation for the Extrema's distributions of Levy processes

Pages 1867-1888

A.T. Payandeh Najafabadi; D.Z. Kucerovsky

29. Subdirectly irreducible acts over some semigroups

Pages 1913-1924

Gh. Moghaddasi; M. Mahmoudi

33. Semi-Rothberger and related spaces

Pages 1969-1987

A. Sabah; M. Khan

40. Some results on pre-monotone operators

Pages 2085-2097

M.H. Alizadeh; M. Roohi