Volume & Issue: Volume 39, Issue 2, May 2013, Pages 225-381 
Finite groups with three relative commutativity degrees

Pages 271-280

R. Barzegar; A. Erfanian; M. Farrokhi D. G.

Quasirecognition by the prime graph of L_3(q) where 3 < q < 100

Pages 289-305

S. S. Salehi Amiri; A. R. Khalili Asboei; A. Iranmanesh; A. Tehranian

On H-cofinitely supplemented modules

Pages 325-346

Y. Talebi; R. Tribak; A. R. Moniri Hamzekolaei

Ore extensions of skew $pi$-Armendariz rings

Pages 355-368

O. Lunqun; L. Jingwang; X. Yueming