Existence of solutions for a variational inequality on the half-line

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Laboratory of Fixed Point Theory and Applications‎, ‎'Ecole Normale Sup'erieure‎, ‎Kouba‎, ‎Algiers‎, ‎Algeria.

2 School of Mathematics‎, ‎Statistics and Applied Mathematics‎, ‎National University of Ireland‎, ‎Galway‎, ‎Ireland‎, ‎NAAM Research‎ ‎Group‎, ‎King Abdulaziz University‎, ‎Jeddah‎, ‎Saudi Arabia.


 ‎In this paper we study the existence of nontrivial‎ solutions for a variational inequality on the half-line‎. ‎Our‎ ‎approach is based on the non-smooth critical point theory‎ ‎for Szulkin-type functionals.


Main Subjects

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