Hyperbolic surfaces of $L_1$-2-type

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1 Departamento de Matemáticas‎, ‎Facultad de Matemáticas‎, ‎Universidad de Murcia‎, ‎30100 Murcia‎, ‎Spain.

2 Departamento de Matemáticas‎, ‎Facultad de Ciencias‎, ‎Universidad Nacional de Colombia‎, ‎Bogotá DC‎, ‎Colombia.


In this paper, we show that an $L_1$-2-type surface in the three-dimensional hyperbolic space $H^3\subset R^4_1$ either is an open piece of a standard Riemannian product $ H^1(-\sqrt{1+r^2})\times S^{1}(r)$, or it has non constant mean curvature, non constant Gaussian curvature, and non constant principal curvatures.


Main Subjects

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