A hybrid mean value involving a new Gauss sums and Dedekind sums

Document Type : Research Paper


1 School of Mathematics‎, ‎Northwest University‎, ‎Xi'an‎, ‎Shaanxi‎, ‎710127‎, ‎P‎.R‎. ‎China.

2 School of Mathematics‎, ‎Northwest University‎, ‎Xi'an‎, ‎Shaanxi‎, ‎710127‎, ‎P‎.‎R‎. ‎China.


‎In this paper‎, ‎we introduce a new sum‎ ‎analogous to Gauss sum‎, ‎then we use the properties of the‎ ‎classical Gauss sums and analytic method to study the hybrid mean‎ ‎value problem involving this new sums and Dedekind sums‎, ‎and‎ ‎give an interesting identity for it.


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