Filter theory in MTL-algebras based on Uni-soft property

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics‎, ‎University of Tabuk‎, ‎Tabuk 71491‎, ‎Saudi Arabia.

2 Department of Mathematics‎, ‎King Abdulaziz University‎, ‎P.O‎. ‎Box 80203 Jeddah 21589‎, ‎Saudi Arabia.

3 Department of Mathematics‎, ‎College of basic education‎, ‎Public authority for applied education and training‎, ‎Kuwait.


‎The notion of (Boolean) uni-soft filters‎ ‎in MTL-algebras is introduced‎, ‎and several properties of them are‎ ‎investigated‎. ‎Characterizations of (Boolean) uni-soft filters are discussed‎, ‎and some (necessary and sufficient) conditions‎ ‎for a uni-soft filter to be Boolean are provided‎.
‎The condensational property for a Boolean uni-soft filter is established.


Main Subjects

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