Asymptotic properties of the sample mean in adaptive sequential sampling with multiple selection criteria

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Academic Professor

2 Isfahan University of Technology

3 Qatar University

4 University of Canterbury

5 U.S. Geological Survey


‎We extend the method of adaptive two-stage sequential sampling to‎
‎include designs where there is more than one criteria is used in‎
‎deciding on the allocation of additional sampling effort‎. ‎These‎
‎criteria‎, ‎or conditions‎, ‎can be a measure of the target‎
‎population‎, ‎or a measure of some related population‎. ‎We develop‎
‎Murthy estimator for the design that is unbiased estimators for‎
‎the population mean‎, ‎and propose another‎, ‎more efficient‎,
‎estimator‎. ‎We investigate asymptotic properties of this estimator‎.
‎We use a simulation study to investigate design properties of the‎
‎multi-criteria adaptive sequential sampling scheme and also some‎
‎estimator properties under the design‎.