On the Fischer-Clifford matrices of a maximal subgroup of the Lyons group Ly

Document Type : Research Paper


University of North-West, Mafikeng, South Africa


The non-split extension group $overline{G} = 5^3{^.}L(3,5)$ is a subgroup of order 46500000 and of index 1113229656 in Ly. The group $overline{G}$ in turn has L(3,5) and $5^2{:}2.A_5$ as inertia factors. The group $5^2{:}2.A_5$ is of order 3 000 and is of index 124 in L(3,5). The aim of this paper is to compute the Fischer-Clifford matrices of $overline{G}$, which together with associated partial character tables of the inertia factor groups, are used to compute a full character table of $overline{G}$. A partial projective character table corresponding to $5^2{:}2A_5$ is required, hence we have to compute the Schur multiplier and projective character table of $5^2{:}2A_5$.


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