Some concavity properties for general integral operators

Document Type : Research Paper


1 School of Mathematical Sciences‎, ‎Faculty of Science and Technology‎, ‎Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia‎, ‎43600 UKM Bangi‎ ‎Selangor DE‎, ‎Malaysia

2 Institute of Mathematical Sciences‎, ‎Universiti Malaya‎, ‎50603‎, ‎Malaysia.


Let $C_0(alpha)$ denote the class of concave univalent functions defined in the open unit disk $mathbb{D}$. Each function $f in C_{0}(alpha)$ maps the unit disk $mathbb{D}$ onto the complement of an unbounded convex set. In this paper, we study the mapping properties of this class under integral operators.


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