A note on approximation conditions, standard triangularizability and a power set topology


Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Colby College, Waterville, ME 04901, USA.


The main result of this article is that for collections of entry-wise non-negative matrices the property of possessing a standard triangularization is stable under approximation. The methodology introduced to prove this result allows us to offer quick proofs of the corresponding results of [B. R. Yahaghi, Near triangularizability implies triangularizability, Canad. Math. Bull. 47, (2004), no. 2, 298--313], and [A. A. Jafarian, H. Radjavi, P. Rosenthal and A. R. Sourour, Simultaneous, triangularizability, near commutativity and Rota's theorem, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc.  347, (1995), no. 6, 2191--2199] on the approximations and triangularizability of collections of operators and matrices. In conclusion we introduce and explore a related topology on the power sets of metric spaces.


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