On statistical type convergence in uniform spaces

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1 Department of‎ ‎Non-harmonic analysis‎, ‎Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of NAS of Azerbaijan‎, ‎9‎, ‎B.Vahabzade Str.‎, ‎AZ 1141‎, ‎Baku‎, ‎Azerbaijan.

2 Department of‎ ‎Non-harmonic analysis‎, ‎Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of NAS of Azerbaijan‎, ‎9‎, ‎B‎. ‎Vahabzade Str.‎, ‎AZ 1141‎, ‎Baku‎, ‎Azerbaijan.


The concept of ${\mathscr{F}}_{st}$-fundamentality is introduced in uniform spaces, generated by some filter ${\mathscr{F}}$. Its equivalence to the concept of ${\mathscr{F}}$-convergence in uniform spaces is proved. This convergence generalizes many kinds of convergence, including the well-known statistical convergence.


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