Arens regularity of bilinear maps and Banach modules actions

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Mathematical Sciences‎, ‎University‎ ‎of Guilan‎, ‎P.O‎. ‎Box 1914‎, ‎Rasht‎, ‎Iran.


‎Let $X$‎, ‎$Y$ and $Z$ be Banach spaces and $f:X\times Y‎ ‎\longrightarrow Z$ a bounded bilinear map‎. ‎In this paper we‎ ‎study the relation between Arens regularity of $f$ and the‎ ‎reflexivity of $Y$‎. ‎We also give some conditions under which the‎ ‎Arens regularity of a Banach algebra $A$ implies the Arens‎ ‎regularity of certain Banach right module action of $A$‎ .


Main Subjects

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