A characterization of simple $K_4$-groups of type $L_2(q)$ and their automorphism groups

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics and Chongqing Key Laboratory of GGTA‎, ‎Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences‎, ‎Chongqing 402160‎, ‎P.R‎. ‎China.

2 School of Mathematics and Statistics‎, ‎Southwest University‎, ‎Chongqing 400715‎, ‎P.R‎. ‎China.


In this paper, it is proved that all simple $K_4$-groups of type $L_2(q)$ can be characterized by their maximum element orders together with their orders. Furthermore, the automorphism groups of simple $K_4$-groups of type $L_2(q)$ are also considered.


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