Pullback D-attractors for non-autonomous partly dissipative reaction-diffusion equations in unbounded domains

Document Type : Research Paper


School of Science‎, ‎Hohai University‎, ‎Nanjing‎, ‎Jiangsu 210098‎, ‎China.


At present paper, we establish the existence of pullback $\mathcal{D}$-attractor for the process associated with non-autonomous partly dissipative reaction-diffusion equation in $L^2(\mathbb{R}^n)\times L^2(\mathbb{R}^n)$. In order to do this, by energy equation method we show that the process, which possesses a pullback $\mathcal{D}$-absorbing set, is pullback $\widehat{D}_0$-asymptotically compact.


Main Subjects

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