A characterization of curves in Galilean 4-space $G_4$

Document Type : Research Paper


Kocaeli University‎, ‎Art and Science Faculty‎, ‎Department of Mathematics‎, ‎Kocaeli‎, ‎Turkey.


‎In the present study‎, ‎we consider a regular curve in Galilean‎ ‎$4$-space $\mathbb{G}_{4}$ whose position vector is written as a‎ ‎linear combination of its Frenet vectors‎. ‎We characterize such‎ ‎curves in terms of their curvature functions‎. ‎Further‎, ‎we obtain‎ ‎some results of rectifying‎, ‎constant ratio‎, ‎$T$-constant and‎ ‎$N$-constant curves in $\mathbb{G}_{4}$‎.


Main Subjects

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