Upper bounds for noetherian dimension of all injective modules with Krull dimension

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Mathematics‎, ‎Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz‎, ‎Ahvaz‎, ‎Iran.


‎In this paper we give an upper bound for Noetherian dimension of all injective modules with Krull dimension on arbitrary rings‎. ‎In particular‎, ‎we also give an upper bound for Noetherian dimension of all Artinian modules on Noetherian duo rings.


Main Subjects

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Volume 43, Issue 6
November and December 2017
Pages 2017-2025
  • Receive Date: 01 June 2016
  • Revise Date: 11 December 2016
  • Accept Date: 17 December 2016