Modules whose direct summands are FI-extending

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1 Department of Mathematics‎, ‎Balkan Campus‎, ‎Trakya University‎, ‎22030 Edirne‎, ‎Turkey.

2 Department of Mathematics‎, ‎Yunus Emre Campus‎, ‎Education Faculty‎, ‎Anadolu University‎, ‎26470 Eskisehir‎, ‎Turkey.


‎A module $M$ is called FI-extending if every fully invariant submodule of $M$ is essential in a direct summand of $M$‎. ‎It is not known whether a direct summand of an FI-extending module is also FI-extending‎. ‎In this study‎, ‎it is given some answers to the question that under what conditions a direct summand of an FI-extending module is an FI-extending module?


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