Volume & Issue: Volume 43, Issue 7, December 2017, Pages 2111-2124 
$n$-Array Jacobson graphs

Pages 2137-2152

H. Ghayour; A. Erfanian; A. Azimi; M. Farrokhi D. G.

Zero elements and $z$-ideals in modified pointfree topology

Pages 2205-2226

A.A. Estaji; A. Karimi Feizabad; M. Zarghani

On the fixed number of graphs

Pages 2281-2292

I. Javaid; M. Murtaza; M. Asif; F. Iftikhar

Filter theory in MTL-algebras based on Uni-soft property

Pages 2293-2306

G. Muhiuddin; A.M. Al-roqi; S. Aldhafeeri

On subgroups of topologized fundamental groups and generalized coverings

Pages 2349-2370

M. Abdullahi Rashid; B. Mashayekhy; H. Torabi; S. Z. Pashaei

A characterization of orthogonality preserving operators

Pages 2495-2505

E. Ansari-piri; R.G. Sanati; M. Kardel