Common fixed points of f-weak contractions in cone metric spaces

Document Type : Research Paper


King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)


Recently, Choudhury and Metiya [Fixed points of weak contractions in
cone metric spaces, Nonlinear Analysis 72 (2010) 1589-1593] proved
some fixed point theorems for weak contractions in cone metric
spaces. Weak contractions are generalizations of the Banach's
contraction mapping, which have been studied by several authors. In
this paper, we introduce the notion of $f$-weak contractions and
also establish a coincidence and common fixed point result for
$f$-weak contractions in cone metric spaces. Our result is supported
by an example which include and generalize the results of Choudhury
and Metiya's work.


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