On the k-nullity foliations in Finsler geometry

Document Type : Research Paper



Here, a Finsler manifold $(M,F)$ is considered with corresponding
curvature tensor, regarded as $2$-forms on the bundle of non-zero tangent vectors. Certain
subspaces of the tangent spaces of $M$ determined by the curvature are introduced and called $k$-nullity foliations of the curvature operator.
It is shown that if the dimension of foliation is constant, then the distribution is involutive and each maximal integral manifold is totally geodesic. Characterization of the $k$-nullity foliation is given, as well as some results concerning constancy of the flag curvature, and
completeness of their integral manifolds, providing completeness of $(M,F)$. The introduced $k$-nullity space is a natural extension of nullity space in Riemannian geometry, introduced by Chern and Kuiper and enlarged to Finsler setting by Akbar-Zadeh and contains it as a special case.