Volume & Issue: Volume 37, No. 4, December 2011, Pages 1-279 
3. p-Lambda-bounded variation

Pages 35-49

M. Hormozi; A. A. Ledari; F. Prus-Wisniowski

4. Classical quasi-primary submodules

Pages 51-71

M. Behboodi; R. Jahani-Nezhad; M. H. Naderi

6. Generalized sigma-derivation on Banach algebras

Pages 81-94

A. Hosseini; M. Hassani; A. Niknam

10. G-frames and Hilbert-Schmidt operators

Pages 141-155

M. R. Abdollahpour; A. Najati

12. On module extension Banach algebras

Pages 171-183

A. Medghalchi; H. Pourmahmood-Aghababa

17. The unit sum number of discrete modules

Pages 243-249

N Ashrafi; N. Pouyan