Relative n-th non-commuting graphs of finite groups

Document Type : Research Paper


Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


‎Suppose $n$ is a fixed positive integer‎. ‎We introduce the relative n-th non-commuting graph $Gamma^{n} _{H,G}$‎, ‎associated to the non-abelian subgroup $H$ of group $G$‎. ‎The vertex set is $Gsetminus C^n_{H,G}$ in which $C^n_{H,G} = {xin G‎ : ‎[x,y^{n}]=1 mbox{~and~} [x^{n},y]=1mbox{~for~all~} yin H}$‎. ‎Moreover‎, ‎${x,y}$ is an edge if $x$ or $y$ belong to $H$ and $xy^{n}
eq y^{n}x$ or $x^{n}y
eq yx^{n}$‎. ‎In fact‎, ‎the relative n-th commutativity degree‎, ‎$P_{n}(H,G)$ the probability that n-th power of an element of the subgroup $H$ commutes with another random element of the group $G$ and the non-commuting graph were the keys to construct such a graph‎. ‎It is proved that two isoclinic non-abelian groups have isomorphic graphs under special conditions‎.


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