On natural homomorphisms of local cohomology modules

Document Type : Research Paper


Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad-Pakistan.


‎Let $M$ be a non-zero finitely generated module over a commutative Noetherian local ring $(R,\mathfrak{m})$ with $\dim_R(M)=t$‎. ‎Let $I$ be an ideal of $R$ with $grade(I,M)=c$‎. ‎In this article we will investigate several natural homomorphisms of local cohomology modules‎. ‎The main purpose of this article is to investigate when the natural homomorphisms $\gamma‎: ‎Tor^{R}_c(k,H^c_I(M))\to k\otimes_R M$ and $\eta‎: ‎Ext^{d}_R(k,H^c_I(M))\to Ext^{t}_R(k‎, ‎M)$ are non-zero where $d:=t-c$‎. ‎In fact for a Cohen-Macaulay module $M$ we will show that the homomorphism $\eta$ is injective (resp‎. ‎surjective) if and only if the homomorphism $H^{d}_{\mathfrak{m}}(H^c_{I}(M))\to H^t_{\mathfrak{m}}(M)$ is injective (resp‎. ‎surjective) under the additional assumption of vanishing of Ext modules‎. ‎The similar results are obtained for the homomorphism $\gamma$‎. ‎Moreover we will construct the natural homomorphism $Tor^{R}_c(k‎, ‎H^c_I(M))\to Tor^{R}_c(k‎, ‎H^c_J(M))$ for the ideals $J\subseteq I$ with $c = grade(I,M)= grade(J,M)$‎. ‎There are several sufficient conditions on $I$ and $J$ to provide this homomorphism is an isomorphism.


Main Subjects

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