Solvability of an impulsive boundary value problem on the half-line via critical point theory

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Laboratory of Fixed Point Theory and Applications‎, Ecole Normale Superieure‎, ‎Kouba‎, ‎Algiers‎, ‎Algeria‎.

2 Department of Mathematics‎, ‎Faculty of Sciences‎, ‎Al Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University (IMSIU)‎. ‎P.O‎. ‎Box 90950‎, ‎Riyadh 11623‎, ‎Saudi Arabia and Department of Mathematics, Ecole Normale Superieure, Kouba.


In this paper, an impulsive boundary value problem on the half-line is considered and existence of solutions is proved using Minimization Principal and Mountain Pass Theorem.


Main Subjects

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