Volume & Issue: Volume 35, No. 1, April 2009 
2. The N-Membranes Problem

Pages 31-40

A. Razani; E. Lindgren

8. Some Results on p-Best Approximation in Vector Spaces

Pages 119-127

H. Mazaheri; S. M. Moshtaghioun

9. Convolution and Homogeneous Spaces

Pages 129-146

R. A. Kamyabi-Gol; N. Tavallaei

10. δ-Double Derivations on C*-Algebras

Pages 147-154

M. Mirzavaziri; E. Omidvar Tehrani

11. EPI-Retractable Modules and Some Applications

Pages 155-166

A. Ghorbani; M. R. Vedadi

17. Cohomogeneity One Anti De Sitter Space H_1^3

Pages 221-233

P. Ahmadi; S. M. B. Kashani