Volume & Issue: Volume 38, Issue 4, December 2012, Pages 853-1077 
1. Newton-Product integration for a Two-phase Stefan problem with Kinetics

Pages 853-868

B. ‎Babayar-Razlighi; Karim Ivaz; M. R. Mokhtarzadeh; A. N. Badamchizadeh

4. On generalized left (alpha, beta)-derivations in rings

Pages 893-905

Mohammad Ashraf; Shakir Ali; Nadeem ur Rehman; Muzibur Rahman Mozumder

5. An automaton group: a computational case study

Pages 907-924

Mohammad Jelodari Mamaghani

6. A common fixed point theorem on ordered metric spaces

Pages 925-934

Hemant Kumar Nashine; Ishak Altun

11. Fully idempotent and coidempotent modules

Pages 987-1005

Habibollah Ansari-Toroghy; Faranak Farshadifar

12. Some difference results on Hayman conjecture and uniqueness

Pages 1007-1020

Kai Liu; Tingbin Cao; Xinling Liu

13. MRA parseval frame multiwavelets in L^2(R^d)

Pages 1021-1045

Liu Zhanwei; Xiaomin Mu; Guochang Wu

15. Smarandache algebras and their subgroups

Pages 1063-1077

P Allen; H. S. Kim; J Neggers