Duality for the class of a multiobjective problem with support functions under $K$-$G_f$-invexity assumptions

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics‎, ‎Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee‎, ‎Roorkee 247 667‎, ‎India.


‎In this article‎, ‎we formulate two dual models Wolfe and Mond-Weir related to symmetric nondifferentiable multiobjective programming problems‎. ‎Furthermore‎, ‎weak‎, ‎strong and converse duality results are established under $K$-$G_f$-invexity assumptions‎. ‎Nontrivial examples have also been depicted to illustrate the theorems obtained in the paper‎. ‎Results established in this paper unify and extend some previously known results appeared in the literature


Main Subjects

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