Almost multiplicative linear functionals and approximate spectrum

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, University of Neyshabur


We define a new type of spectrum, called δ-approximate spectrum, of an element a in a complex unital Banach algebra A and show that the δ-approximate spectrum σ_δ (a) of a is compact. The relation between the δ-approximate spectrum and the usual spectrum is investigated. Also an analogue of the classical Gleason-Kahane-Zelazko theorem is established: For each ε>0, there is δ>0 such that if ϕ is a linear functional with ϕ(a)∈σ_δ (a) for all a∈A, then ϕ is ε-almost multiplicative. Finally, we use these ideas to provide a sufficient condition for a δ-almost multiplicative functional to be multiplicative.


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