Volume & Issue: Volume 41, Issue 6, December 2015, Pages 1315-1535 
6. On Ads-modules with the SIP

Pages 1355-1363

F. ‎Takil Mutlu

7. Strongly clean triangular matrix rings with endomorphisms

Pages 1365-1374

H. Chen; H. Kose; Y. ‎Kurtulmaz

12. Finite groups have even more centralizers

Pages 1423-1431

S. M. Jafarian Amri; M. Amiri; H. Madadi; H. Rostami

14. A note on Volterra and Baire spaces

Pages 1445-1452

L. X. Peng; C. Yang

19. Automatic continuity of almost multiplicative maps between Frechet algebras

Pages 1497-1509

T. ‎Ghasemi Honary‎; M. Omidi; A. H. Sanatpour

21. On the modified iterative methods for $M$-matrix linear systems

Pages 1519-1535

F. Panjeh Ali Beik; N. Nasseri Shams