Volume & Issue: Volume 31, No. 1, March and April 2005 
2. n-Homomorphisms

Pages 13-23

S. Hejazian; M. Mirzavaziri; M. S. Moslehian

3. Dynamical Systems on Hilbert C*-Modules

Pages 25-35

Gh. Abbaspour Tabadkan; M. S. Moslehian; A. Niknam

4. Some Results in Generalized Serstnev Spaces

Pages 37-47

M. Alimohammady; B. Lafuerza–Guillen; R. Saadati

5. On the Defining Number of (2n - 2)-Vertex Colorings of Kn x Kn

Pages 49-61

D. A. Mojdeh; M. Alishahi; M. Mohagheghi Nejad