Keywords = common fixed point
Some results on weakly contractive maps

Volume 38, Issue 3, September 2012, Pages 625-645

Stojan Radenovi'c; Zoran Kadelburg; Davorka Jandrli'c; Andrija Jandrli'c

Common fixed points of f-weak contractions in cone metric spaces

Volume 38, Issue 2, July 2012, Pages 293-303

Wultipol Sintunavarat; Poom Kumam

Common Fixed Point Theorems of Integral Type in Modular Spaces

Volume 35, No. 2, November 2009, Pages 11-24

A. Razani; R. Moradi

Common Fixed Points of Generalized Contractive Maps in Cone Metric Spaces

Volume 35, No. 2, November 2009, Pages 255-264

A. Azam; M. Arshad

Common Fixed Points of Two Commuting Mappings in Complete Metric Spaces

Volume 32, No. 2, November 2006, Pages 53-66

T. Suzuki; R. Saadati; D. O’Regan